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CNC Milling

JBT’s milling department can cover a wide range of needs from a single prototype part to low/high volume production. Our staff is well versed in all aspects and has the capabilities necessary to perform at a high level.

For the prototype and low volume production, we have over 18 CNC milling machines to utilize including up to 5 axis positioning. The CNC Lathe department has multiple options to choose from. It’s safe to say, one of those machines will be a great fit for your prototype part or short run production job.

For the high-volume production, we have several horizontal dual pallet machines that are designed for high volume 4 axis production. We also have a cell with a Fastems 12-pallet pool that is automated for lights out production.

For large parts, we have two CNC Vertical Bridge Mills, one that can produce parts up to 166 inches long and in some cases even longer. Our facility is equipped with 2-ton ceiling cranes to make it easy to move material on and off the machine.


Facility List