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JBT Machining is dedicated to excellence in manufacturing and serving our customers needs. We believe that the only way to run a business is with honesty and firm commitments to our customers. Our customers are our first priority and over the years we have proven that we can do what it takes to get the job done. We want our customers to enjoy working with JBT Machining. Our goal is to have positive relationships that ultimately will lead to long-term partnerships.

JBT believes that if our prices are equal to other machine shops that our honest and reliable service will earn repeat business from our customers.

We believe that most customers want to work with a business that is built on integrity. JBT has proven that we are that type of business and will continue to be. Answering those difficult questions honestly in regards to delivery; lead-time; price etc are the key reasons that we have earned repeat customer’s year after year. When we make commitments to our customers we will do whatever it takes to make good on those promises.


JBT Machining and our team of 18 employees appreciate our loyal customers with whom we’ve partnered with over the years. Our customers are the reason we are able to employee and support all of the families on our team. We thank you and look forward to the future success that we can all achieve together.

JBT Machining started as a one man operation with a couple of Bridgeports and a goal to provide customers with high quality, fair prices and honest delivery time.
JBT Machining purchased its first vertical CNC Mill, which expanded JBT out of the manual equipment.
JBT Machining moved out of the first shop and moved into a bigger leased space, ordered another CNC Machining center and hired JBT’s first employee.
Life changed for many and as a company JBT faced the challenge of finding work when very little was available. JBT put forth the effort it takes to establish new relationships to get through this challenging time.
JBT added its very first enclosed vertical 4 Axis Machining center to respond to increasing growth.
Continuing strong, JBT added more equipment and increased machining space.
Capitalizing on opportunities for more growth, JBT moved into a 6,000 sq. ft. space and added 2 more new CNC Machining Centers
To diversify capabilities, JBT bought a new vertical machining center that had 40” x 120” travels to respond to customers’ needs for large parts. Two new CNC Mills were also added to meet the needs for small part machining.
JBT was very fortunate to have the opportunity to create new partnerships and steadily increase sales and customers.
JBT sales took a considerable drop due to the recession. JBT took steps to be prepared for the work when it returned by breaking ground on a new facility in Ramsey Minnesota. This doubled square footage and gave us 13,000 sq. ft. to better service our customers.
JBT moved into the new facility! Through hard work and relationship building, JBT was successful in adding new customers.
JBT added more equipment and staff to respond to increasing business.
To service the needs of customers and add more capacity to mid to high volume markets, JBT added more horizontal machining centers. Two new horizontals are connected to a fastems 12 pallet pool to increase productivity. JBT also improved our inspection capabilities by adding a new Zeiss Contura G2CMM.
JBT had more opportunities and further expanded equipment by adding another new horizontal machining center and 2 more new vertical machining centers. JBT also added a new Vision System to our inspection department to further enhance our ability to ensure quality products for our customers.